SRI MALOLAN COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE – (Affiliated to University of Madras), Mocheri Road, Madurantakam, Chengalpattu District – 603306

Vision and Mission


The Vision  is to provide quality education to equip students to be a part of emerging innovations and technological challenges, mould them to be leaders in thought and action while being responsible citizens of our country.


“Vidhyadhanam Sarvadhanath Pradhanam”.


  • To provide value-based quality education to empower students to become a competent and responsible citizen.
  • To continuously, improve our dedicated service in the realm of education.
  • To continuously strive to enhance the quality of education.
  • Aims to ensure excellence in education and create a conducive environment to students to thrive academically.
  • To strive for continuous improvement and recognize every student is unique with diverse needs and aspirations.
  • Aims at recruitment and retention of highly qualified faculty members.
  • It is committed to create a safe and conducive learning for the students.

Motto :

          “Striving for Brilliance, Shaping futures”

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