SRI MALOLAN COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE – (Affiliated to University of Madras), Mocheri Road, Madurantakam, Chengalpattu District – 603306



Sri Malolan college has set of rules for staff to behave in a work place. These codes of ethics give direction to staff to be respectful, considerate, and honest in their work place. When there is a conflict of interest these guidelines will help settle the issues.

  • Work Environment

    All the staff members should act with integrity, comply with laws and maintain a high degree of teaching standards.

  • Conflict of Interest

    They should treat fellow staff members with respect and avoid unnecessary verbal or physical frictions. A college reputation depends on the actions and integrity of its staff members. It is essential that they maintain dignified relationships and make objective unfair decisions.

  • Anti-bribery and corruption

    The staff members should maintain trust worthiness and reputation. They should carry on their duties fairly, honestly and legally.

  • Attendance and punctuality

    Staff members are expected to be regular and punctual
    They should be inside the campus at 9 am and 9.10 am at their classrooms Absenteeism and tardiness will not be tolerated

  • Absence without notice

    Staff members who are unable to report for duty due to illness or unforeseen circumstances should notify their HOD or Vice Principal and it is their duty to make alternate arrangements. The leave rules for the employees have been notified at the time of appointment itself. If any staff do not report for work without intimation continuously for 3 days, he or she will be liable for the termination of job.

  • General harassment and sexual harassment

    Sri Malolan college is committed to providing a work environment, free of discrimination and unlawful harassment Actions, words, jokes or comments based on individuals, sex, age, religion, caste is not tolerated and will lead to job termination

  • Cellphone use at work:

    Personal cellphone usage during class hours is discouraged.

  • Dress Code

    A professional appearance is important and staff members are expected to be well- groomed and dressed appropriately

  • Substance abuse:

    Reporting to college under the influence of alcohol and substances is strictly prohibited Use of tobacco products inside the campus strictly prohibited

  • Internet use at work

    Use of internet must not interfere with their productivity

  • College assets

    College assets to be protected and well maintained.

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