Sri Malolan College of Arts and Science  is promoted by Sri Ahobila Muth, one of the ancient Muths of India, established more than 600 years ago. The arts and science college established at Madurantakam in July 2010, is named after the presiding deity of Sri Ahobila Muth viz., Sri Malolan.

SMCAS is situated at Madurantakam, about 90 km from Chennai and 30 km from Chengalpattu, on Trichy Highway  NH - 45. The college has many divine blessings, being situated on the banks of Madurantakam lake, where Lord Rama is perceived to have saved the lake, for the people of Madurantakam, apart from the fact that Yathirajar Ramanujar is initiated in to Vedic education at this holy town and that the college is promoted by a religious and charitable institution.

SMCAS is administered by Sri Malolan Educational Trust, with eminent professionals and personalities in the academic arena. SMCAS considers its objectives to be dissemination and advancement of knowledge amongst the students in rural areas, in order that they place themselves at par with students in urban areas in terms of knowledge power. The college is committed to make special provisions for integrated courses, to educate and train human resources for the development of the rural area, to initiate appropriate measures for promoting innovation in teaching and learning and to pay special attention to the improvement of  ecocial and economic conditions and welfare of the people in rural areas, especially their intellectual, academic and cultural development.